So you went searching on Google for kosher vacation rentals. And came up with some interesting responses.


But you want a really kosher vacation rental. From someone who understands the nuances of what a frum family is looking for. Mezuzas on the doors. Eruv information. Shabbos-friendly appliances.


No motion sensors or occupancy sensors all over the place creating serious chillul Shabbos shailos.


No. You’re a lot smarter than that. Not just anyone with some good seo or paid google ads is going to take you for a ride with their version of kosher.


Here’s a humorous actual livechat we had with a company that came up when we searched for “kosher vacation rentals.”


They have great SEO, I’ll admit, which is how they target kosher consumers. Consumers beware, and we’ll let the conversation below speak for itself. Then, you decide.


This was the site we had the live chat on, with a nice  dark-skinned young fellow, friendly enough, with a bushy afro hairstyle above his head in his headshot, named Shawn Parkour.


Actual Livechat Today:


Me: What’s kosher about your places? [Mon, Time 13:16]


     Shawn Parkour: We have kosher kitchens [Mon, 13:16]


Me: In what way? What makes them kosher [Mon, Time 13:17]


     Shawn Parkour: For how many people you are looking for and which dates ? (sic) [Mon, 13:17]


Me: What makes your kitchens kosher? [Mon,  Time 13:18]

Me: Shawn, I’m not getting an answer here [Mon,  Time 13:20]


     Shawn Parkour: We have many regular Jewish groups who comes every year for holidays [Mon, 13:20]


Me: That doesn’t make the kitchen kosher [Mon,  Time 13:20]

Me: Does anyone certify the kitchen as kosher? [Mon,  Time 13:22]

Me: Are there kosher amenities? [Mon,  Time 13:22]

Me: Do the ovens have sabbath mode? [Mon,  Time 13:23]

Me: Does each have multiple sinks? [Mon,  Time 13:23]

Me: Separate dishes? [Mon,  Time 13:23]


     Shawn Parkour: We do oven on self cleaning mode before nay (sic) Jewish group comes [Mon,  Time 13:23]

     Shawn Parkour:Yes we also provide separate dishes and bowels (sic) [Mon,  Time 13:23]

     Shawn Parkour: They also have multiple sink (sic) [Mon,  Time 13:24]


Me: So my understanding is, you consider them kosher under those circumstances, but at any other time, any guest, including non-kosher ones, use the property, correct? (italics and underlining added to this post for emphasis) [Mon,  Time 13:43]


     Shawn Parkour: Yes [Mon,  Time 13:44]

     Shawn Parkour If you need any special arrangements we can do it for you [Mon,  Time 13:44]


Me: Thanks, but I think we’re more comfortable in a truly kosher home [Mon,  Time 13:44]


Shawn Parkour Sure. Thank you for showing interest in our property [Mon,  Time 13:45]


So the truth comes out. Nothing kosher at all as the houses are only as kosher as the previous guests.


We dug a bit further into some links he sent us of his “supposedly” kosher vacation rentals. Here are the names of the latest guests that reviewed those “kosher” properties.


Actual Guest Name #1: Clay Simon

Actual Guest Name #2: Jake Paul

Actual Guest Name #3: Austin Taylor


Really now! We’re not making this up.


So you can leave your quest for finding that perfect vacation rental property to google. And end up with a friendly kosher vacation home from Shawn Parkour, who seems to know all the ins and outs of kashrus and what frum families need.


And don’t worry! Clay Simon, Jake Paul and Austin Taylor all ensured that your kitchen stayed kosher!


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Because there’s a difference smart kosher vacationers know.


You only need to google one thing: